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About Us

HELLO AND WELCOME! My name is Khaled and I’m the founder of POSITIVE NOVA. Learning how to be positive, stay motivated, save money and make more money changed my life. I lived in Foggy London near London Bridge in the southeast of Great Britain since 2000 and have traveled across the globe and now I am trying to settle down in the Metropolitan Beautiful Berlin. What I write about are things that have had a positive effect on my life. Some or maybe many of these thoughts and strategies may work for you too to some degree. We are all unique, but perhaps more importantly, we are all very similar. But I’m not a therapist and no information on this site should be construed as psychological advice. I give no guarantees and this site is for entertainment purposes only. If you have serious problems, please seek professional help. I implement what I have learned and I learn from my own experiments and experience and figure out how to build a better life. This site, its content and I am a work in progress. And I’m sharing what I have discovered so far. I hope you’ll find it helpful too. .

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